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Fintech Executive Program

Oct 7-10, 2024 in San Francisco, CA
A 3-day, high-impact program for B2B startup executives building the next iteration of financial products
Applications are open
Limited seats available

Who should join

Participation Requirements
Applications are open
Limited seats available


Payments, Banking, Fraud, Identity, Risk, Compliance, Tokenization, Crypto, AI, etc.

Company Position

Executive roles only




Stage agnostic


Stuck in your revenue bracket?
This program will help you find solutions to your current challenges
Applications are open
Limited seats available

Enterprise Sales

Build a successful enterprise sales pipeline.
Learn how sell to incumbents or other fintechs.


Become a hiring pro.
Understand where to find and how to get the talent your organization needs.


Can your product support the business at scale? Or do you have to expand the surface of the addressable problem.
How to search for market pull.


De-risk your product at an early stage.
Learn how to ride the regulatory tailwinds and spend time with relevant public stakeholders.

Fundraising (optional)

Pitch to a curated group of reputable, top tier Venture and Institutional investors.

Program benefits

We'll tap your team into our global network of public & private sector leaders from the Fintech / DeFi Retreat gatherings and the Financial Club.
Applications are open
Limited seats available

During the Program


Join group sessions with renowned founders and senior execs for large institutions.


Solve your business challenges by working with hand-picked reputable mentors with a proven track record in your vertical.

Build your network

Meet and spend in person time with decision makers from Financial Institutions and top VC firms.

After the program

Financial Club

Receive 1 year membership with the Financial Club. Join the Financial Club community and specials guests in San Francisco and New York.

Fintech and DeFi Retreats

Gain complimentary access to the next editions of Fintech and DeFi Retreats. Join intimate gatherings attended by Government and Private Sector leaders.

Learn from the best

Our mentors are working with some of the most succesful fintechs
Applications are open
Limited seats available

Kathryn Petralia

Co-Founder, Keep, Kabbage
Focus: Banking, Payments, Lending, Fraud, Risk, BAAS

Soups Ranjan

Co-Founder & CEO, Sardine
Focus: Fraud, Compliance, Machine Learning, AI

Emmalyn Shaw

Managing Partner, Flourish
Focus: Payments, Banking, Fundraising

Prajit Nanu

Co-Founder & CEO at NIUM
Focus: Payments, Sales, Fundraising

Dan Rosen

Founder & General Partner, Commerce Ventures
Focus: Banking, Payments, BAAS, Fundraising

Peter Hazlehurst

Co-Founder and CEO, Synctera
Focus: Banking, Payments, Risk, BAAS

Ale Vigilante

MD, Novirian Capital
Advisor, Fidelity
Focus: Wealthtech, Fundraising, Corporate Partnerships

Kevin Moss

FMR CRO, Wells Fargo & SoFi
Focus: Banking, Credit and Fraud

Josh Dorsey

MD, Practice Focus – Fintech, Stifel Venture Bank
Focus: Banking, Risk, Compliance

Greg Smith

MD, FT Partners
Focus: Banking, Payments, M&A

Vanessa Di Frances

SVP, Relationship Management Fintech, SVB
Focus: Banking, Sales, Product

Carey Ransom

MD, BankTech Ventures
Focus: Banking, Fundraising

Charles Shannon

Partner, Founders Circle Capital
Focus: Banking, Fundraising

John Yaros

Securities Bureau Chief, Idaho Department of Finance
Focus: Regulation, Compliance, Risk

Megan Stinson

Co-founder, CMAND
Focus: Communications, PR


The program will run at the LinkedIn building in Downtown San Francisco.
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Per team member

  • Access to the Fintech Executive Program (in person only)
  • One year Financial Club membership
  • Access to the annual Fintech and DeFi Retreats
  • No equity dilution
  • Other benefits